Top - some Deathcore / Metalcore Breakdowns

Металкор (англ. Metalcore) — поджанр рок-музыки, сформировавшийся из-за смешения различных жанров метала и хардкор-панка.

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Top - some Deathcore / Metalcore Breakdowns

Сообщение rager_dagger » Чт дек 15, 2011 1:44 pm

Top - some Deathcore / Metalcore Breakdowns



if you want something new its for you!

We Set The Sun - Love, Sating Dead Souls
Genocide of Prescription - Fast Doom Kill Terror
It Breeds No More - The Herd
Float Face Down - Another Victim
The Contortionist - Sporadic Movements
Before The Devil Knows You Are Dead - My Love I See Your Miasma
Emmure - Bars in Astoria
Random Conflict - Knives And Lint
Curse at 27 - The Departed
Attila - Sunsets And Death Threats
Psychic Jail - 18 Till You Die
Here Comes The Kraken - Don't Fail Me Darko

It Breeds No More EP -


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