Jarvis Cocker on John Peel

Пост-па́нк (англ. post-punk) — жанр рок-музыки, сложившийся в конце 1970-х годов в Великобритании как продолжение панк-рока.

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Jarvis Cocker on John Peel

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Jarvis Cocker on John Peel

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The best post-punk music in Europe was electronic music and the best electronic music came from Sheffield, England. MADE IN SHEFFIELD documents the rise of the influential post-punk movement that emerged from Sheffield in the late 70s, defined by the electronic pop of The Human League, Cabaret Voltaire, Heaven 17 and ABC. Their dream was to destroy rock music. The result was the creation of some of the most influential sounds of the era. Rare archive footage and exclusive interviews with the famous, almost famou and not famous at all, pull you directly into the Sheffield scene with its fanzines, nightclubs, weird bands, record labels and all the ambition and creativity that made that time so special. Loaded with endearing moments and humor, the film captures the essence of the seldom portrayed aftermath of Punk and the spirit of the early 80s British New Wave movement. Featuring: Phil Oakey, Martyn Ware, Ian Marsh, Chris Watson, Stephen Singleton, Jarvis Cocker, Joanne Catherall, Susan Sully, and one of the last interviews with the legendary John Peel. http://www.plexifilm.com/


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