Top 10 (indie) rock songs - My choice! Indie, alternative, p

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Top 10 (indie) rock songs - My choice! Indie, alternative, p

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Top 10 (indie) rock songs - My choice! Indie, alternative, post punk, WHATEVER



EDIT: For those who are interested in downloading the 'Youth' song from the Dutch band Kensington:­um/youth/id364596452

Alrighty then, these are my favorite songs from a certain genre I usually listen to. Could probably be described the best as 'indie rock'. I don't care if the term 'indie' is misused (As in some of these bands being part of a major recordlabel, I just don't give a crap so keep those comments to yourself)..

If you disagree or agree or whatever, feel free to comment =). Tell me what you think ^^

10. The Courteeners - Not nineteen forever
9. Kensington - Youth
8. Foals - Balloons
7. The Subways - Burst
6. We Are Scientists - It's a hit
5. Arctic monkeys - Still take you home
4. The Bravery - Unconditional
3. The Killers - Somebody told me
2. Bloc party - Banquet
1. The Strokes - Reptilia


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