Top 20 Post-Hardcore/Metalcore Albums 2010

Металкор (англ. Metalcore) — поджанр рок-музыки, сформировавшийся из-за смешения различных жанров метала и хардкор-панка.

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Top 20 Post-Hardcore/Metalcore Albums 2010

Сообщение dala » Сб дек 17, 2011 7:01 pm

Top 20 Post-Hardcore/Metalcore Albums 2010



Here are my top picks for 2010. This is all my own personal opinion so feel free to discuss and post your own lists. Audio and album art are both high quality so sit back, relax, and enjoy :)

The song in the intro is "Silent Creek" by Ten After Two. They just released their debut ep on Rise Records and are currently at Chango Studios recording their first full length album.

The outro song is "Honest Hitchhikers" by Sky Eats Airplane.

These are all great albums, support the bands by buying them if you like what you hear!


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