Teardrop Explodes-Reward (Live-The Old Grey Whistle Test )

Пост-па́нк (англ. post-punk) — жанр рок-музыки, сложившийся в конце 1970-х годов в Великобритании как продолжение панк-рока.

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Teardrop Explodes-Reward (Live-The Old Grey Whistle Test )

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Teardrop Explodes-Reward (Live-The Old Grey Whistle Test )

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A bit of post-punk loveliness from Julian Cope and company. This track is probably the most well known from The Teardrop Explodes back catalogue (I think it got into the British Top Ten). Julian Cope (the lead singer) is one of modern life's eccentrics and should be cherished as such.
This video (ripped by Rosamannen) was filmed in 1980 for the Old Grey Whistle Test show.
Further details on Julian Cope can be found at http://www.headheritage.co.uk/. Also an interesting piece on The Teardrop Explodes from Melody Maker can be found here: http://www.mmmm.eclipse.co.uk/press/TeardropMM10-80.htm


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