Top 10 Russian Rock Songs

Рок-му́зыка (англ. Rock music) — обобщающее название ряда направлений популярной музыки. Слово «rock» — качать — в данном случае указывает на характерные для этих направлений ритмические ощущения, связанные с определённой формой движения, по аналогии с «roll», «twist», «swing», «shake»

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Top 10 Russian Rock Songs

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Top 10 Russian Rock Songs



Russian rock

Русский рок

Russian rock (Russian: Pусский рок) refers to rock music made in Russia and/or in Russian. Rock and roll became known in the Soviet Union in the 1960s and quickly broke free from its western roots. According to many music critics, its "golden age" years were the 1980s (especially the era of perestroika), when the Soviet underground rock bands could release their records officially and were no longer banned by the media (television and radio).

10. Агата Кристи (Agata Kristi) - Как на войне Kak Na Voine (Like In War)
09. Ария (Aria) - Улица Роз Ulitsa Roz (Street Of Roses)
08. Наутилус Помпилиус (Nautilus Pompilius) - Прогулки по воде Progulki Po Vode (Walks On Water)
07. Браво (Bravo) - Дорога в облака Doroga V Oblaka (Road To The Clouds)
06. Неприкасаемые (Neprikasaemye) - Ольга Olga (Olga)
05. Алиса (Alisa) - Красное на чёрном Krasnoe Na Chyornom (Red On Black)
04. Машина времени (Mashina Vremeni) - Поворот Povorot (The Turn)
03. Аквариум (Aquarium) - Рок-н-ролл мёртв Rok N Roll Mertv (Rock & Roll Is Dead)
02. ДДТ (DDT) - Что такое осень Chto Takoe Osen (What Is Autumn)
01. Кино (Kino) - Группа крови Gruppa Krovi (Blood Type)

In contrast to Western rock, Russian rock is often said to have less drive; it is characterized by different rhythms, instruments and more involved lyrics. Unconventional instruments have often been used in addition to the standard electric guitars and drums (very often violin and wind instruments).

Another characteristic of Russian Rock is being partly Folk rock. Very often Russian Rock songs, especially the once of the classic 80s bands, talk about national themes and feature elements from Russian folk music. Aquarium, DDT and Yuri Morozov could be used as examples for that.

Considering its poetic roots (Russian literature, bard music), it is not a big surprise that lyrics play a far larger role in Russian rock than Western rock. Vocal melody is sometimes eschewed in favor of a more impassioned delivery (Viktor Tsoi, the lead singer of Kino, pioneered a characteristically strained, monotonous style of singing that has been imitated by many).


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